Media Statement: Juturna Consulting Report 22 July 2014

Publication Date
23 July 2014

‘Billions spent on roads in “hideously inefficient” way’

Infrastructure Australia would like to make it categorically clear—the referenced consultant's document does not represent the views of Infrastructure Australia.

Statement from John Fitzgerald—Interim Infrastructure Co-ordinator:

“I wish to make it clear that the document that was issued by the consultant—Juturna Infrastructure P/L and reported on by the Fairfax media last night was issued without the approval, or indeed knowledge, of Infrastructure Australia.

The document has never been seen, reviewed or considered by any current Infrastructure Australia staff, by the Infrastructure Australia Interim Infrastructure Co-ordinator or by the Infrastructure Australia Council.

Infrastructure Australia did not have knowledge of the release or distribution of this consultant's document.

On learning that the document had been released and purported to state views of Infrastructure Australia, I requested that it be withdrawn.

I, along with the Infrastructure Council, expect high standards and transparent processes when policy documents are developed and released. It is regrettable that this document could be mistaken as the views of Infrastructure Australia.”

John Fitzgerald, Interim Infrastructure Co-ordinator.