Appointment to ABAC

Publication Date
04 April 2014

I am delighted to accept an appointment by the Prime Minister to the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).

However, as a result I have advised the Australian Government that I will not be able to accept an extension to my current appointment as Chair of Infrastructure Australia (IA), which expires on 8 April 2014.

Infrastructure Australia has worked very hard since its inception in 2008 to focus attention on the importance of infrastructure to our communities and economy. Having a dedicated advisory body on Infrastructure has given prominence to infrastructure in a way that was not previously conceived. It has brought rigour and focus to investment planning and project decision making.

I was honoured as being the inaugural Chair, however, I could not have undertaken this role, without the support and expertise of other members of the Council and the dedicated Infrastructure Australia staff. I thank all my colleagues and the IA team for their hard work and contribution to national reform.

This includes the Hon Mark Birrell, who has my full support as my successor. The organisation will continue to make a strong contribution to national investment policy under his leadership of the Council.

Infrastructure investment reform is critical to Australia's economic future and the work of groups including the Business Council of Australia, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and the Productivity Commission has enabled a mature debate about how Australia prioritises future investment and how it will be funded and financed. IA has valued being able to work closely with such bodies to build a sound analytical base for investment policy and public support for the necessary reforms in national investment.

I look forward to working with Infrastructure Australia in my new capacity on the APEC Business Advisory Council.

Rod Eddington