Infrastructure Sector Compass

We have developed the Infrastructure Sector Compass to help infrastructure professionals, and the community, navigate the sectors.

The Sector Compass allows you to:

  • explore and review the industry and government organisations that make up the Australian and New Zealand infrastructure sectors. You can find the organisations in a particular sector (such as water or transport), or those that do similar tasks (such as construction or finance).
  • update your own details to encourage other organisations to connect with you.

This version is an early public beta release and remains under development. Some organisation records currently contain data that are not substantiated or contemporary. In order to continually improve the Sector Compass, we encourage your feedback using the forms below.

Where organisations sit on the Compass

Each point on the Compass represents one of the six infrastructure sectors, and each dot represents an organisation.

Where an organisation sits on the Compass reflects the sector(s) they work in. Organisations that specialise in a single sector are placed on the edge of the compass, while those that work across many sectors are located closer to the centre.

If an organisation works across multiple sectors, you will see a line connecting that organisation to the sectors it works in. A dot with many lines represents an organisation that works across many sectors.

How to use the Compass

Find information on an organisation

By selecting dots on the Compass, detailed information about those organisations is shown in the right-hand panel.

You can select organisations by clicking on a dot or by dragging a box around multiple dots.

The right-hand panel will list the organisations selected. If one organisation is selected, it will show you what sectors it works in, and what types of work it does. If multiple organisations are selected, click on a name of an organisation in the list to show information on that organisation.

To clear your selections, click on any empty part of the Compass.


Using the left-hand panel, you can filter which organisations appear on the Compass.

You can combine multiple filters to answer specific questions. For instance, which organisations work in both transport and social infrastructure, and offer financial advisory services?


When you hover your mouse over the Compass, a navigation panel will appear on the top left. These options will allow you to zoom, pan, and reset the view.

Further instructions

For more detailed instructions, hover over the Info icons 🛈 or watch the instructional video at the bottom of the page. 

Infrastructure Sector Compass

The information presented in the Compass is also available for download.

How to use the Infrastructure Sector Compass