Infrastructure Risk Dashboard

This Infrastructure Risk Dashboard, established through Infrastructure Australia's Market Capacity Program, is designed to help you focus on the right risks for your project. It presents a library of common risks classified by project type and infrastructure sector, and maps these risks against climate information and four geographical community types as defined by Infrastructure Australia (click About the data for more information).

  • Click on a region on the map to view the risk profile of a particular location. This will also update the risk library listing to show risks relevant for that type of location.
  • Zoom in and out on the map to view the geographical extent of flood or bushfire zones.
  • Use the filters in the left side of the page to update the risk library based on selected sectors, sub-sectors and project types.

The accompanying National Study of Infrastructure Risk report includes an explanation of the methodology informing this analysis, and should be read in conjunction with this dashboard.

About the data

Risk library

See Appendix 6.2 of the National Study of Infrastructure Risks report for a list of these sources used to develop the risk library, and Appendix 6.3 for an explanation of the risk taxonomy used in the risk assessment framework.

The full risk library is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Flood and bushfire zones

The flood zones presented in the map have been combined from publicly released state-level data (New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria). Flood zones are not publicly available for all states.

The bushfire zones presented in the map are the 2020 National Operational Bushfire Boundaries.

Community types

The four community types (Fast-growing Cities, Smaller Cities and Regional Centres, Small Towns, Rural Communities and Remote Areas, and Northern Australia and Developing Regions) are a geographical classification introduced in the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit, and which form a key basis of the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan.

Tableau dashboard of infrastructure risks map

The full risk library is available for download in Microsoft Excel format.