Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

Infrastructure services for users

To help Australia grow and prosper over the coming years, our infrastructure will need to ensure our vital needs are met, while offering greater personalisation of services to unlock our full potential as a nation and compete in increasingly connected and competitive global markets.

This chapter focuses on framing infrastructure services through the eyes of users, drawing out the trends and evidence from across the country. 

It looks at:

  • Infrastructure that works for users
  • Costs and affordability
  • Infrastructure for fast-growing cities
  • Infrastructure for smaller cities and regional centres
  • Infrastructure for small towns, rural communities and remote areas
  • Infrastructure to support regions and unlock growth in northern Australia
The average australian's bill for infrastructure
Performance of the sector

Australian households spend an average of $314.39 on infrastructure services per week, or over $16,000 per annum. 


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