Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019

Future trends

The pace of change today is rapid and accelerating. These forces play a role in creating an uncertain environment for policy and investment, which has implications for Australia’s infrastructure over the coming 15 years. This chapter does not predict or forecast, but explores the ‘big picture’ shifts occurring at the societal and systematic levels, and their potential impacts for Australia’s future.

We have identified seven themes through which to view the challenges and opportunities our economic and social infrastructure sectors are set to face:

  • Quality of life and equity
  • Cost of living and incomes
  • Community preferences and expectations
  • Economy and productivity
  • Population and participation
  • Technology and data
  • Environment and resilience
robot arm infographic
Economy and productivity

1 in 10 jobs across the OECD are at risk of automation, and 44% of jobs will be impacted by computerisation over the next 20 years



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