Infrastructure Australia's submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure — Submission

Publication Date
01 December 2013

This submission by the Office of the National Infrastructure Coordinator to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure addresses a number of key factors considered necessary to ensure the effective delivery of infrastructure services over both the short and long term. It outlines a number of proposed reforms for the efficient and effective selection, delivery and operation of economic infrastructure.

Key points

  • The inquiry should encompass regulatory reforms that will improve the delivery of projects and that go beyond funding and financing. There is also a pressing need to ensure that the right projects are selected.
  • There is an imperative for action so as to avoid the need for policy interventions later.
  • The Commission is encouraged to look towards how implementation of its recommendations can be incorporated into its final report. Reform processes that do not adequately consider implementation are likely to fail.
  • Implementing the reforms outlined in this submission will go some way to creating the necessary pipeline of projects and deal flow that will get the necessary projects.