Western Australia regional digital enhancement

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Western Australia regional digital enhancement

Telecommunications infrastructure for regional Western Australia
Early-stage proposal (Stage 1)
Western Australia
Small towns, rural communities and remote areas
Regional Connectivity
Problem/Opportunity timeframe
Near term (0-5 years)
Proposed By
WA Government
Date added to the IPL
26 February 2021
Western Australia regional digital enhancement


There is poor access to digital services in the regional and remote areas of Western Australia due to a lack of fit-for-purpose digital infrastructure and low service performance of existing infrastructure.

In 2018, approximately 83% of Western Australian households had internet access. However, access in regional areas is significantly lower, with fewer than 50% of households connected in some areas.

The connectivity offered in some regional areas is below consumer expectations due to data congestion and unreliability. The National Mobile Black Spot Database also identifies over 450 mobile blackspots remaining in Western Australia.

The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit found that in regional centres and rural and remote areas, telecommunications infrastructure often delivers costly services that provide poor connectivity, speeds and data allowances.

Communities with better digital connectivity benefit from improved access to education, health care and other economic opportunities. Primary producers can also use digital agricultural practices to improve productivity and remain globally competitive with other producers.

Regional telecommunications transmission capacity is separately identified as a national proposal on the Infrastructure Priority List.


The proposal could be addressed through a program to prioritise and improve the availability and quality of digital access in regional and remote Western Australia and potentially other areas in the state with poor access.

This covers a range of services, including investment in telecommunications infrastructure in regional areas to improve the level of service and coverage.

Next steps

Proponent to develop potential investment options (Stage 2 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).