Southern Sydney to CBD public transport enhancement

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Southern Sydney to CBD public transport enhancement

Connection between inner south urban growth area and Sydney CBD
Early-stage proposal (Stage 1)
Sydney Inner City, NSW
Fast-growing cities
Efficient urban transport networks
Problem/Opportunity timeframe
Medium term (5-10 years)
Proposed By
NSW Government
Date added to the IPL
17 February 2016


The transport network between the  Sydney CBD and the area south towards Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport lacks the capacity to effectively handle prospective population and jobs growth. The population of the Green Square Precinct is projected to grow from 33,000 in 2016 to 61,000 in 2031. While Green Square has a railway station on its western side, the north and east of Green Square Precinct make up a fast-growing inner residential area that is not directly served by rapid public transport.

Green Square forms part of the nation’s largest bus transport task (Eastern Suburbs– South to Sydney Inner City), as identified in the 2015 Australian Infrastructure Audit. Due to road congestion, bus transport to the Sydney CBD from Green Square is slow and unreliable. Potential growth in bus transport, to service a larger population, will add to congestion close to the centre of Sydney.

With Green Square abutting the Sydney Airport precinct and close to the Port Botany precinct (which together generate more than $10 billion per year in economic activity), there is also an opportunity to grow commercial activity, facilitated by reliable, rapid public transport.


A high-capacity rapid transport link,  either bus or rail, incorporating new technology, would provide significant additional capacity between the Sydney  CBD and the underserved parts of the Green Square Precinct.

The NSW Government’s planning for  Sydney Metro West includes consideration  of a potential future station at Zetland.

The NSW Government is working with key external stakeholders, such as councils, Sydney Airport and NSW Ports to define short-term and longer-term future transport networks for trains, metro, light rail and bus. This will define the delivery of Future Transport Strategy 2056 for this rapidly growing part of the city.

The proponent for this proposal was previously the City of Sydney. The proposal was updated in February 2020 to list the NSW Government as the proponent.

Next steps

Proponent to develop potential investment options (Stage 2 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).