Queensland inland road network upgrade

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Queensland inland road network upgrade

Improvements for national, state and local roads located in inland Queensland
Early-stage proposal (Stage 1)
Small towns, rural communities and remote areas
Regional Connectivity
Problem/Opportunity timeframe
Medium term (5-10 years)
Proposed By
Infrastructure Australia identified proposal
Date added to the IPL
26 February 2020


Deteriorating roads and bridges in regional Queensland are increasing travel times, vehicle operating costs and safety risks. Flooding is also an issue for many of these roads.
Key routes affected by these issues include:

  • the Warrego, Landsborough, Flinders, Barkly, Carnarvon, Dawson, Peak Downs and Capricorn highways
  • the Kennedy Highway and Developmental Road
  • the Gregory Highway and Developmental Road
  • The Gulf Developmental Road.

Queensland’s road freight network contains coastal and inland routes, with the inland routes being 10 times longer in total kilometres. In 2016–17, the Queensland freight task was estimated to be 170 billion tonne kilometres, with 65% moved by road. The freight task is projected to grow to over 200 billion tonne kilometres by 2030. It is likely that growth in population, employment, tourism and freight volumes  will exacerbate these safety and capacity issues, resulting in nationally significant productivity losses.


The proposal proposes a strategy that prioritises investment based on the goals of improving productivity and safety on regional Queensland roads, and sustaining regional communities.

The proposal includes improvements to address safety, surface issues, flooding, bridge strength and width, road alignments, widening and pavement sealing.

This proposal originated from a detailed submission by RDA Townsville and North West Queensland, the Secretariat of the Inland Queensland Roads Action Project, on behalf of all 34 funding partners, including 28 local governments, 5 RDA Committees and the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland.

Next steps

Proponent to be identified.