Preserve corridor for Western Sydney Airport fuel pipeline

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Future fuel connection to Western Sydney Airport
High Priority Initiative
Infrastructure Category
Corridor Preservation
Proposed By
NSW Government
Near term (0-5 years)
Western Sydney, NSW
Preserve corridor for Western Sydney Airport fuel pipeline


Western Sydney Airport is projected to commence operation by 2026. When operation reaches full capacity, the airport could potentially require 50 to 65 B-double fuel tanker deliveries per day, which would add to congestion on Sydney’s urban road network. The reliance on fuel transportation by heavy vehicles could also generate congestion problems at the airport site, and contribute to delay costs along key freight corridors.

While a dedicated fuel pipeline is unlikely to be required upon the commencement of airport operations, the identification and preservation of a corridor will ensure a route for the pipeline is available when required.

Developing a fuel pipeline connection would enable efficient, safe and cost effective transportation of jet fuels in significant volumes.

Proposed initiative

Identify and preserve a corridor for a fuel pipeline connection between the Sydney fuel pipeline network and Western Sydney Airport.

The New South Wales Government is currently undertaking preliminary work to identify route options for a fuel pipeline connection.

Next steps

Proponent to identify initiatives and develop options (Stage 2 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).