M6 Motorway: Connection between the M1 Princes Motorway at Waterfall and the Sydney motorway network

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Connectivity between Wollongong and Sydney CBD
Priority Initiative
Southern Sydney, NSW
Fast-growing cities
Efficient urban transport networks
Problem/Opportunity timeframe
Medium term (5-10 years)
Proposed By
NSW Government
Date added to the IPL
17 February 2016


There is no motorway standard route between the Sydney motorway network and the M1 Princes Motorway at Waterfall. Demand for road travel along this corridor is high and the arterial network is at capacity during peak periods. The three crossings of the Georges River, which together accommodate almost 200,000 trips per day, are at or close to capacity. These problems lead to long travel times, both because of slower speeds and intersections on arterial roads, and congestion.

The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit identifies the Sydney to Illawarra corridor as the second-most congested in Sydney for the AM and PM peaks in 2016, as measured by total vehicle delays. The Audit projects that in 2031 the corridor will still be the second-most congested in the PM peak, and the third-most congested in the AM peak.

Proposed initiative

The initiative proposes a motorway connection between the Sydney motorway network and the M1 Princes Motorway at Waterfall.

The NSW Government has committed to construct Stage 1 of the link between WestConnex (New M5) and President Avenue at Kogarah.

The Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 1 was placed on public exhibition in late 2018 and planning approval was granted in December 2019 by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The NSW Government is in the process of tendering for the design and construction contract for Stage 1. This initiative was originally included in the Infrastructure Priority List as the ‘F6 Extension’.

Next steps

Proponent to complete business case development of remaining sections (Stage 3 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).