Submit a Project

What is Infrastructure Australia’s role in assessing proposals?

Infrastructure Australia is an independent advisory body. We evaluate and prioritise infrastructure proposals in order to identify the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years, based on a rigorous evaluation of:

  • Strategic fit
  • Economic, social and environmental value
  • Deliverability.

When we positively evaluate a proposal, we add it to the Infrastructure Priority List. The list guides decision-makers on the most needed investments to secure Australia’s continued prosperity.

How do I submit a proposal to the Infrastructure Priority List?

Infrastructure Australia has developed a structured process for assessing proposals for the Infrastructure Priority List.

To submit a proposal, review our submission stages and find out which stage is most relevant to you. From here you can also download the templates and checklists you will need for your submission.

Our detailed submission guidelines explain what information and data you need to include in your submission, for every stage of the process.

Once you've completed the relevant templates and checked that you’ve included all the information you need, you can email your submission to Infrastructure Australia at

Where can I find examples of projects Infrastructure Australia has assessed?

You can search the live Infrastructure Priority List, which is regularly updated, to see which investments have been prioritised across the country.

You can view past evaluations to see what the Infrastructure Australia Board has evaluated and why the decision was made.