Stage 5

A Stage 5 review occurs after your project has been delivered and is operational. During this stage, Infrastructure Australia will work with you to analyse the outcomes of the project and the project delivery, against that described in the business case.

A Post Completion Review is an important stage for any infrastructure project, providing valuable lessons that will improve future business cases, the delivery of future projects and decisions on which projects to invest in..

What does a Post Completion Review involve? 

You will work collaboratively with Infrastructure Australia to determine whether the:

  • project achieved its intended objectives
  • project’s net benefits have been realised as per the business case
  • assumptions adopted in the cost-benefit analysis of the business case were appropriate
  • outcomes could have been achieved in a more effective and efficient way.

The Post Completion Review should also capture other lessons to improve project planning, delivery and risk mitigation.

Post Completion Reviews would be held in confidence by Infrastructure Australia and would not be published. They would be used to assist us with our business case evaluations as part of continuous improvement. If you are unable to provide any documentation on completed projects, we would welcome the opportunity for face-to‑face briefings to listen and understand from project teams directly.

See the Stage 5 Checklist for more information.

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