Stage 4 - Business case assessment

In a Stage 4 submission to the Infrastructure Priority List, you will provide a final detailed business case to Infrastructure Australia for evaluation. If necessary, we will work with you to clarify content in the business case and seek any additional information we need from you to finalise our evaluation.

If we positively evaluate your business case at this stage, your proposal will be added as a priority or high priority Project on the Infrastructure Priority List.

What do you need to demonstrate in a Stage 4 submission?

Your business case should have enough information for Infrastructure Australia to understand and evaluate your proposal against the following key criteria:

  1. Strategic fit. You should demonstrate that the proposal addresses a problem and/or opportunity of national significance, and that it is consistent with other nationally significant problems and opportunities or government projects.
  2. Economic, social and environmental value. You should demonstrate how the proposal’s lifetime benefits outweigh its lifetime costs.
  3. Deliverability. You should demonstrate a clear and robust delivery and risk management plan to ensure the proposal can be successfully delivered.

Section B4 of our submission guidelines provides greater detail of the criteria and process Infrastructure Australia uses to evaluate a business case.

How to make a Stage 4 submission

You can either use your own business case template, or fill out the Stage 4 templates (Word and Excel) if you do not have an existing template to follow. Regardless of format, you should check your submission against the Stage 3 & 4 checklist to ensure that it contains the appropriate information and analysis.

Once you’ve completed these (along with your Stage 1 & 2 submissions, if not previously submitted), please email your submission to Infrastructure Australia at