Stage 3 - Business case development

For Stage 3, you will develop a final detailed business case that objectively considers the shortlist of options you have developed in Stage 2 to address the problems and opportunities identified in Stage 1.

You do not need to make a submission at this stage, but you should notify Infrastructure Australia that you are developing a business case at

You can also contact Infrastructure Australia for advice and guidance on developing a business case as part of early engagement.

For details of how Infrastructure Australia will evaluate your business case, refer to the guidance for Stage 4.

What work do you need to complete in Stage 3?

Developing your business will be a significant piece of work, and require you to:

  • develop in greater detail the options you shortlisted in Stage 2 to address the nationally significant problem or opportunity you identified in Stage 1. This includes detail on the costs, benefits, delivery and risks of each option.
  • refine options on the basis of your analysis. For example, you may refine route alignments, interchanges or building design standards
  • ensure that all factors relevant to the success of an option are comprehensively addressed. For example, operations, land use planning and governance structures.

Section B3 of our submission guidelines provides greater detail of how to develop your business case and the work you need to complete to progress to Stage 4.

You can either use your own business case template, or the Stage 4 template if you do not have an existing template to follow. Regardless of format, you should check your submission against the Stage 3 & 4 checklist to ensure that it contains the appropriate information and analysis.

If you have not previously completed a Stage 1 or Stage 2 submission, you should complete these before developing your business case.