Stage 2 - Initiative identification and options development

What is a Stage 2 submission?

A Stage 2 submission builds on an existing Initiative on the Infrastructure Priority List, based on a successful Stage 1 submission.

In a Stage 2 submission to the Priority List, you should present a wide range of options to address an identified problem or opportunity of national significance. You should then assess each of these options through a rigorous process to determine which are likely to most benefit the Australian community. 

If your submission is positively assessed by Infrastructure Australia at this stage, the existing Initiative will be progressed on the Infrastructure Priority List to recognise that an options shortlist has been developed.

What do you need to demonstrate in a Stage 2 submission?

A Stage 2 submission should identify a longlist of options to address the problems and opportunities of national significance that were identified in your Stage 1 submission. If you have not previously completed a Stage 1 submission, you will need to include this with your Stage 2 submission.

The longlist of options should represent a wide range of reasonable alternatives (both capital and non-capital) and a detailed and evidence-based assessment to determine a shortlist of these options.

You should consider how individual initiatives and options can be packaged together or better coordinated for a more efficient and effective outcome, and how such options can handle future uncertainty if necessary.

How to make a Stage 2 submission

Section B2 of our submission guidelines provides greater detail of what is required in a Stage 2 submission.

To make a submission, use our template and checklist (below).

Once you’ve completed these (including your Stage 1 proposal if not previously submitted) please email your submission to Infrastructure Australia at