Stage 1 - Problem identification and prioritisation

What is a Stage 1 submission?

In a Stage 1 submission to the Infrastructure Priority List, you should use evidence to identify infrastructure problems and/or opportunities, and demonstrate their economic, environmental and social impacts.

You should develop this submission in collaboration with Infrastructure Australia. We will work with you to identify problems and opportunities and provide guidance on the kind of evidence you need to support your proposal.

At this stage, your submission should focus on the underlying problem/opportunity, rather than any particular solution. Potential options are considered in Stage 2 of the process.

If the problem or opportunity is assessed as nationally significant by Infrastructure Australia, it will be added as an Initiative on the Infrastructure Priority List.

What do you need to demonstrate in a Stage 1 submission?

The purpose of Stage 1 is to:

  • identify current and emerging infrastructure problems and opportunities
  • demonstrate that they are nationally significant
  • demonstrate the benefits of addressing them.

A ‘problem’ is a cost to be avoided or saved, while an ‘opportunity’ is a benefit to be gained.

The impact of problems or opportunities must be demonstrated using data-rich evidence, including:

  • the scale of the problem or opportunity, expressed in monetary terms where possible
  • the timing of the problem or opportunity — when the costs/lost benefits will occur, and how this timeframe influences investment decisions
  • the underlying or root causes of the problem or opportunity.

How to make a Stage 1 submission

Section B1 of our submission guidelines provides greater detail of what is required in a Stage 1 submission.

To make a submission, you can use our template and checklist below.

Once you’ve completed these, please email your submission to Infrastructure Australia at