Submission stages

Infrastructure Australia uses a structured process for assessing infrastructure proposals for the Infrastructure Priority List. This process is broken into five stages.

Start by identifying which stage is most relevant to your proposal, and download the templates and checklists you will need for your submission.

Once you have downloaded the relevant templates, refer to the submission guidelines for further detail on the information and data needed for those templates. You can then email your completed submission to Infrastructure Australia at

Stage overview

You have identified a problem or opportunity, based on strong quantitative evidence.

At this stage, you can engage with Infrastructure Australia to help you develop your submission using a Stage 1 template.

We will then evaluate your submission to determine whether the problem or opportunity is nationally significant.

Outcome: Nationally significant problems and opportunities are listed as ‘Initiatives’ on the Priority List. The next step for these proposals is Stage 2 (Initiative Identification and Options Development).

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