Victorian Auditor General: Southern Cross Station and Melbourne Convention Centre PPPs

Publication Date
21 November 2007

This report by the Victorian Auditor General presents the results of audits of two major Partnerships Victoria projects: the Melbourne Convention Centre Development and the Southern Cross Station redevelopment. The report finds that both projects demonstrate effective implementation of the Partnerships Victoria framework.

The audit of the Melbourne Convention Centre development examined and assessed how effectively better practice guidance and policy issued by the Government has been applied. Overall, the audit found that the project has been effectively planned and procured and is being managed in a controlled (although undocumented) manner.

The audit of the Southern Cross Station redevelopment examined and assessed how well the Southern Cross Station Authority has managed the services and development agreement with Civic Nexus Pty Ltd during the finalisation of the design and construct phase, as well as the ongoing operations phase of the project. Overall the audit found that the allocation of risks during the construction phase, and resolution of a dispute, was reasonable given the circumstances.

The report recommends that the Melbourne Convention Centre implementing agency should document its project management framework to assist the future delivery of major projects for the State. Its recommendation on the Southern Cross Station redevelopment is that the identified problems with the performance management regime need to be resolved, so that expected levels of contracted performance can be measured and enforced.