US Department of Transport Report: The Business Case for Dedicated Truck Lanes

Publication Date
01 June 2010

This report sets out the results of a feasibility study conducted as part of the United States Department of Transportation 2007 Corridors of the Future Program.

As part of the program, the Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration funded a coalition of four states (Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Illinois) to conduct a two–phase feasibility study to determine the need, cost, risk, financing options and practicality of developing dedicated truck lanes on an 800–mile stretch of highway from Ohio/West Virginia state line and across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to Missouri.

This report on Phase 1 of the study evaluates business cases for three possible dedicated truck lane scenarios by developing and testing those business cases in the study area.

The report evaluates results on testing of the scenarios and make recommendations based on the goals and vision for the corridor as well as the business case evaluations. It also proposes several incentives and enhancements to strengthen the business case for its recommended scenario.