UK House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts: HM Treasury: Tendering and benchmarking in PFI, 2007

Publication Date
10 October 2007

This 2007 report of the UK House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts examines progress on the PFI tendering issues the committee highlighted in its 2003 report, Delivering Better Value for Money from the Private Finance Initiative.

In 2003 the committee concluded that the taxpayer was not always getting the best deal from Private Finance Initiative contracts because good procurement practice was not being followed. It contends that there has been no improvement in many of the issues that it raised in that report. The committee believes that, as a result, there are signs that market interest is weakening, with fewer serious bids for recent deals.

This report discusses competitive tendering and value testing, time and cost implications of tendering and the level of skills and expertise in public sector teams. It then sets out a range of conclusions and recommendations for improving procurement practices.