NSW Auditor General: The New Schools Privately Financed Project

Publication Date
01 January 2006

This report by the New South Wales Auditor General presents the results of a 2006 audit of the New Schools Privately Financed Project.

The New Schools Privately Financed Project was launched in 2001 to provide NSW government schools primarily in new urban reease areas. The project is a form of public–private partnership known as a privately financed project.

The report examines this new model to see whether the processes for awarding the first two contracts were adequate to maximise the potential for value for money. It finds that those contracts were established and let in a way that greatly assists their potential for delivering value for money.

The report gives findings and recommendations on measures to further improve the potential of the project to offer value for money. The results of the audit are considered as relevant to all agencies considering privately financed projects to provide public infrastructure.