Confederation of British Industry: Going global: The world of public private Partnerships, 2007

Publication Date
01 July 2007

This report by CBI outlines the major public–private partnership models used in the UK and the ways in which they have been developed.

The report contends that public–private partnerships are at the heart of the UK's successful public service reform agenda and that Britain is one of the most advanced users of the model in the world.

However, the report argues that Britain needs to build on the success of its Private Finance Initiative model in the UK and internationally. It identifies the need for all politicians to commit to promoting the UK model abroad and working with businesses in developing public service markets overseas — in particular, taking on a stronger support role through UK Trade and Investment and other bodies.

The report draws on the experience of public–private partnerships in other countries such as Australia and Japan and showcases best practice from around the world as well as ‘lessons learnt’ by the UK and other countries in developing public–private partnership markets.

The report identifies seven key recommendations for all governments that are considering moving forward with public–private partnerships.