Assessment Framework

The Assessment Framework sets out the process Infrastructure Australia uses to consider initiatives and projects for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List. The Framework provides information about how initiatives and projects are assessed by Infrastructure Australia, to enable proponents to develop their submissions.

The Framework and submission templates can be found below:

March 2018 update to the framework

The Assessment Framework was most recently updated in March 2018. The Framework has been updated to provide guidance in key areas:

  • How climate change risks are treated in the economic appraisal of an infrastructure project.
  • How to capture land use impacts in the cost-benefit analysis of an infrastructure project.
  • Reviewing and reporting on projects after implementation, to determine if outcomes were achieved and inform future infrastructure decisions.


Once you've read the Assessment Framework and completed relevant templates, you can email your submission to Infrastructure Australia at

Assessment process

Infrastructure Australia follows the same process for every initiative or project we assess.

This is as follows:

  • A proponent provides a submission to Infrastructure Australia for assessment;
  • Infrastructure Australia undertakes an initial review of the submission and seeks clarification and/or further information from the proponent;
  • Infrastructure Australia assesses the submission and any additional information the proponent provides. If necessary, Infrastructure Australia will request further information from the proponent;
  • Infrastructure Australia's Chief Executive Officer prepares a recommendation for consideration by the Infrastructure Australia Board ;
  • The Infrastructure Australia Board evaluates the submission and makes a determination;
  • For project submissions (submissions with a full business case), a project evaluation summary is provided to the project proponent for a fact and commercial-in-confidence check. After this process is complete, the project evaluation summary is published on the Project Evaluations page of our website; and

The Infrastructure Priority List is updated to reflect Infrastructure Australia's decision.

More Information

For more information on making submissions and the assessment process, please contact us.