Assessment Framework Overview

All initiatives and projects that are submitted to Infrastructure Australia are assessed using our Assessment Framework. The framework is designed to:

  • be simple to use
  • be applicable across different sectors
  • take account of the economic social and environmental impact of the problem being addressed, and the solution being proposed.


The Assessment Framework is divided into five stages. These stages align with those that usually occur during the development of a project, and align with Gateway stages used by states and territories.

Flowchart Stages: Stage 1—problem identification and prioritisation; Stage 2—initiative identification; Stage 3—options assessment; Stage 4—business case assessment; Stage 5—benefits realisation.

Figure 1: IA's five-stage Assessment Framework


We encourage nominators to make early contact with Infrastructure Australia to discuss their submissions via This assists Infrastructure Australia to advise and support nominators during the submission development process. Project proponents which are not state or territory governments should also make early contact with their state or territory government to discuss their submission.

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Five stages of the Assessment Framework

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