National Infrastructure Plan: June 2013 Report to COAG and Assessments

Infrastructure Australia prepared this report to provide governments and the community with a clear set of actions to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the growth of the Asian economies over the next half century.

Key points

The report identifies five reforms that will ensure Australia secures the infrastructure it needs:

  1. Establishing a single national infrastructure fund;
  2. Moving from grant funding of infrastructure to a system that encourages private investment;
  3. Selling or long-term leasing of government infrastructure assets and re-investing the proceeds in new infrastructure;
  4. Wider application of user pays funding arrangements, especially but not only in the freight sector, but on the proviso that users get a say in scoping new projects; and
  5. Improvements to project governance and procurement to reduce the cost of developing new infrastructure.


  • Press Release: June 2013 Report to COAG PDF: 52 KB ReadSpeaker
  • National Infrastructure Plan: June 2013 Report to COAG [Full report: Low resolution] PDF: 5712 KB ReadSpeaker
  • National Infrastructure Plan [Chapters 1–3: High resolution] PDF: 39034 KB ReadSpeaker
    • Chairman's message
    • Australia: Get ready
    • Big challenges need bold reforms
  • National Infrastructure Plan [Chapters 4–6: High resolution] PDF: 58851 KB ReadSpeaker
    • Connected global cities
    • Outward-focused national ports and freight network
    • An adaptable, sustainable water supply
  • National Infrastructure Plan [Chapters 7–9: High resolution] PDF: 42511 KB ReadSpeaker
    • Advancing the national energy market
    • Productive, connected regions
    • Essential indigenous infrastructure
  • National Infrastructure Plan [Chapter 10 and appendices] PDF: 9525 KB ReadSpeaker
    • Reform and actions at a glance
    • Appendix A: National Infrastructure Priority List
    • Appendix B: Regional Infrastructure Fund
    • Appendix C: Tax incentive for nationally significant infrastructure
    • Appendix D: Recycling capital
    • Appendix E: National infrastructure construction schedule

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