Infrastructure Priority List: Project and initiative summaries

The Infrastructure Priority List is a critical reference point for the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years.

It is updated regularly to reflect emerging infrastructure priorities across Australia and provides independent, evidence-based advice to governments and industry on the projects that will most benefit our growing communities.

The latest Infrastructure Priority List identifies 96 major infrastructure proposals that have strategic merit and are of national significance, including High Priority and Priority projects and initiatives. This provides a long list of options for government to invest in to improve living standards and productivity in Australia.

The Infrastructure Priority List is a live document that is regularly updated. Further additions to the List will be available in the online Infrastructure Priority List.

This year, we have developed an interactive map for the Infrastructure Priority List. The map presents a detailed view of projects and initiatives, and allows you to see which infrastructure solutions from around the country are on the List.

Publication Information

Title: Infrastructure Priority List: Project and initiative summaries

Content Type: Priority List

Date published: March 2018

State: All

Sector: Financing; Funding;


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