Outer Urban Public Transport Maps

Outer Urban Public Transport assesses the quality and accessibility of public transport services in Australia’s five largest cities.

These interactive maps show comparative public transport network performance for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. These maps show:

  • Inner, middle and outer sector boundaries
  • Walking access to medium- to high-frequency public transport
  • Public transport service frequency during weekday AM peak, weekday off peak, and weekend off peak
  • Public transport travel times to CBDs.
How to use the maps
Open or close the layer list

The layer list, legends and display options are shown within the workbench.

  • On desktop: Click 'show workbench' to activate it if it is minimised. Click the arrow next to 'search by location' to minimise it if it is activated.
  • On mobile: Click the eye icon (with the number of layers next to it) at the top to activate and deactivate the workbench.
Activate layers, change their appearance, and view the legend

With the workbench open, click the square on the left of the layer name to activate and deactivate a layer.

To change how a layer appears, expand the menu by pressing the triangle at to the right of the layer name. Here the legend will be displayed. You can also adjust whether a layer appears on the left of the slider, right of the slider, or on both sides, and also control the layer transparency (opacity).

Inspect the data

Click onto the map itself to view further information about a feature. A pop-up will appear showing attributes associated with that feature.

If there is a long list of features that appear, try zooming in close to feature of interest, and try again.

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