The Northern Road Upgrade

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Access to south-west Sydney growth area and construction access to Western Sydney Airport.
Priority Project
Infrastructure Category
Proposed By
NSW Government
Near term (0-5 years)
Western Sydney, NSW
The Northern Road upgrade

Problem to be addressed

Growth in south-west Sydney is being driven by employment growth associated with the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area, and population growth associated with the South West Priority Land Release Areas. Development of the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek will accelerate this growth. While current levels of service on The Northern Road are adequate, significant growth in the area over the next 20 years will lead to higher levels of congestion, poor accessibility and adverse safety conditions for users, particularly during peak periods.

Project description

The Northern Road upgrade project involves staged upgrades to 35 km of road, with construction expected to be progressively completed by 2022. The project will increase capacity and improve journey times with additional lanes and intersection improvements, as well as dedicated north–south bus lanes and other measures to prioritise bus flows. The project also provides for cyclists and pedestrians. The Northern Road will also play an important role in providing access to the site of the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek during the construction period.

This project is part of the broader Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, which is listed on the Infrastructure Priority List as a Priority Initiative.

Economic, social and environmental value

The major source of benefit for the project is travel-time savings, followed by safety benefits, vehicle operating cost savings and journey-time reliability improvements.

The proponent’s stated benefit-cost ratio is 1.3, with a net present value of $405 million (7% real discount rate).

Capital cost of initiative as stated by proponent (2016 business case) $1.63 billion (P50, nominal, undiscounted); $1.75 billion (P90, nominal, undiscounted) | Australian Government contribution $1.2 billion | State government contribution $0.4 billion | Private sector contribution N/A