Call for submissions to the Infrastructure Priority List (February 2022 publication)

Submissions are now open for the February 2022 publication of the Infrastructure Priority List.

It is crucial that Australia has a comprehensive and robust infrastructure pipeline to guide our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Infrastructure Priority List provides evidence‑based advice to support an informed discussion about Australia’s investment priorities.

Submissions for the 2022 Infrastructure Priority List update will close 3 September 2021.

The Priority List is a living document and we update it throughout the year as assessments are completed. Submissions received after 3 September 2021 will be considered for future updates of the Priority List.

Contact us to discuss your proposal before submission and to arrange a secure file transfer facility for your submission. You can contact us via email at or call us on (02) 8114 1900.

What kind of submissions are we looking for?

We are inviting Australia's governments and non-government bodies to submit nationally significant infrastructure problems and opportunities for consideration.

Submissions are welcome in all infrastructure sectors: energy, water, transport, telecommunications and social infrastructure. We particularly welcome submissions that respond to the national problems and opportunities identified in the 2020 Priority List:

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