Our Role

Infrastructure Australia is an independent statutory body with a mandate to prioritise and progress nationally significant infrastructure.

We provide independent research and advice to all levels of government as well as investors and owners of infrastructure.

Infrastructure Australia is responsible for strategically auditing Australia's nationally significant infrastructure, and developing 15-year rolling Infrastructure Plans that specify national and state level priorities.

Our role is defined in the amended Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 which states that the Minister for Infrastructure must not give directions about the content of any audit, list, evaluation, plan or advice provided by Infrastructure Australia.

The major reports we publish regularly are outlined below.

Infrastructure Audits

  • The Northern Australia Audit, released on 8 May 2015, was the first ever audit of Northern Australia's infrastructure, identifying key challenges, and opportunities to support the region's projected growth over the next 15 years.
  • The first Australian Infrastructure Audit was released on 22 May 2015. It was the first ever independent, comprehensive review of Australia's infrastructure and our future needs across transport, water, energy and telecommunications. The next Audit is due for publication in 2019.

Australian Infrastructure Plans

  • The first Australian Infrastructure Plan was released on 17 February 2016. It is Australia's first 15-year rolling infrastructure plan. Developed following consultation on the Australian Infrastructure Audit, the Plan recommends fundamental changes to way we plan, fund, deliver and use our infrastructure through reforming the funding and operation of transport infrastructure, completing the national electricity market, improving the quality and competiveness of the water sector and delivering a telecommunications network that responds to user demand.

The next plan is due for publication in 2021.

Infrastructure Priority List

  • We also determine which nationally significant projects should be included on the Infrastructure Priority List. This is a rigorous prioritisation process that ensures there is a highly credible pipeline of nationally significant infrastructure projects. The Infrastructure Priority List is a live document that is regularly updated by the independent Infrastructure Australia Board as they approve business cases of new nationally significant projects.
  • Throughout the year we publish in-depth project evaluations of business cases that we have assessed.

More information

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