2022 Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps

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We welcome your comments on this report

Infrastructure Australia has developed the Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps report to provide a common understanding of the strengths of Australia’s regions and the infrastructure gaps they face, for communities, industry and governments of all levels. We have used the Regional Development Australia (RDA) boundaries in this analysis in order to support a comprehensive view of the nation.

The report provides a foundation to understand Australia’s regions and was developed through engagement with more than 1,000 stakeholders, including focused engagement in each region. Stakeholder engagement has been a focus in preparing the report, however we acknowledge we may not have considered all relevant data, evidence or local conditions. Through the publication of this report we invite comments that can strengthen the evidence base or provide new data.

Infrastructure Australia welcomes your views on your region by providing an expanded evidence base or potential future areas of analysis. If you would like to share your views, we would like to hear them.

How was the data to inform the report identified?

Various government and industry data sources have been drawn upon to illustrate Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps for each region. However, while we have prioritised contemporary data sources for each region, the availability of data both in terms of timing and availability for each region varies.

Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps provides a consolidated source of data using RDA boundaries and drawing on our definitions of Australia’s regional geography. Current data at an RDA scale has been utilised where possible, however in instances where it is not available, data at local government or alternative regional boundary level is used.

New sources of information are regularly made available, and may not be reflected in this version of the report.

What will we do with comments?

The Infrastructure Australia team will consider all comments received in response to the report. Where the balance of submissions, a strong foundation of evidence and/or our team support an amendment to our report they will be incorporated. A refresh will be released later in 2022.

When should comments be provided?

The period for comment on this report has been extended. Comments are now requested by 27 May 2022. The submissions period, or the period for individual submissions, may be extended by Infrastructure Australia. Preference will be given to early requests for extensions. Please contact mail@infrastructureaustralia.gov.au to request an extension.

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